Zwift for Android Beta

I believe from an interview with Bike Radar that Zwift will be coming for high end android devices as a Beta 

Anyone know any more about this?

We’re about 70% done with our Android version, so it’s got a ways to go first.  I can say it runs pretty smooth on a new Samsung Galaxy S8 or Pixel tablet, but we still have some hurdles to overcome (namely writing our bluetooth support for the devices).

Hi Jon

Thanks for the quick response, that is really good to hear.  I’ve really been looking forward to the android version so I can replace an ageing windows laptop that I use to run Zwift at the moment. 




Hopefully the Android version will have ANT support too for the phones that have it? :slight_smile:

Hi do you have any idea of timescales when it will be ready for android. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 that I would use. I’m considering getting an iPad if it’s going to be a long wait but would rather not have the extra expense if it’s not going to be long and I can use my phone. Many thanks in advance.

Those of us with galaxy S8 are ready to test it when needed. :smiley:

Do we have an eta on when we can beta test the android app?

No ETA for android.  If you are planning to use Zwift this fall, I’d look for a non-android solution.

I do enjoy Zwift a lot, best way of doing indoor cyclling, for me at the same time with trainingpeaks. As for Zwift I do believe they are testing their luck, like android users are second class cycling riders. Hopefully they will do an android port soon, or even better another company can do another game like zwift to get some competency. That would be excellent for the customers.

Normally the first in doing it get the advantage, if done properly obviously. 

I can say I have used zwift in the past its an amazing tool, it ticks so many boxes but until it’s working on android I won’t be using it again as I will only be able to use it in my gym on a watt bike, got rid of my tacx, pain in the butt setting it up in my small apartment. So HURRY UP lol :slight_smile:

I would NEVER NEVER EVER use apple so that will always be out the window.

Are there any updates on Zwift Android. I just got a Tacx smart trainer and can’t use Zwift because its not compatible on any of my windows laptops.

I have a Samsung Tab4 and S7 phone and I’m debating on waiting for the android version for the above devices as opposed to buying a new laptop/ipad.

Any news on timelines for Zwift Android? This year?

My update I posted two weeks ago is probably the last update we’ll have on this for 2017 unfortunately.

As a heads up though, an android phone will almost certainly be the worst of all ways to run it when we do release it. This is due to the massive device fragmentation, fragmented operating systems, and drivers (bluetooth, sound, and graphics all matter to Zwift).   Then there’s the fact that android devices have poor 3d processors, except in all but the $750 phones (and even then they are a fraction of the speed of a new iPhone).   The 3d performance is key to what Zwift is trying to do.

For these reasons, and more, we focused first on where the hardware was that could do what we needed to do - and that was Apple.   This gave android device manufacturers time to play catch up in the 3D hardware game, and while they are still generally 1.5 years behind in performance from iPhones at least there are top tier phones that can run Zwift reasonably well now.

I’m a long time android user, and have actually been on teams who made android devices from the ground up (circuit boards and all), but we have to be real here and understand the limitations when it comes to what these devices are capable of.

Thanks Jon. This is helpful. In this case I will work on updating my laptop instead of waiting for an android update.

Thanks John. It will still be great to have Zwift in some form on Android at some point and yourself and the teams efforts are much appreciated. 

Andrew interesting comment about updating your computer. I don’t want to go off track but I did this myself. I’ve opened a new post with my experience on the forum so we can keep this one to Android discussions ( .


The zwift team of worthless code writers are already getting the band aid before getting hurt, ohohohohohohho, amazing. 

I love your program that is for sure, I enjoy it a lot, but please with sugar on top so it is sweet, don’t just don’t please start finding excuses because you already know your product most likely will suck. You guys are already late in the android version. But I do have so say in PC your game works very good, I never get a bad connection, very good. In ios I can not complaint either.


When talking about graphics and android, you don’t need $600+ phones.  Tablets generally run cheaper and may have better graphics hardware.  I’ll also plug nvidia who probably makes the most powerful gpu hw that exists on android today.  This exists in the shield tablet and the shield TV products.  The tablet appears to be no longer available, but the shield TV can be had for $179 and I bet it has more graphics horsepower than any IOS device.


I got the Nvidia shield tv, amazing good product, it does have some gpu horse power. I really believe these guys at zwift are just buying medicine before even getting sick. The worst thing of all … someone may even believe them. 

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Rather than not have any android support until a perfect solution is available that works across many devices, I would rather have some support earlier for limited devices.  At a minimum, it will give Zwift many more testers before rolling out support for other devices.  But let’s not disparage the devs here.  It’s clear that it is not an easy task - we should strive to be supportive and not combative.  I don’t want to give them another reason not to do it.




Why not have it available for the latest Galaxy and Pixel devices? You can’t tell me those are subpar specs-wise.

Agree, it is not easy to do it. It is the attitude that is just plain horrible. Android devices can run this game for sure, not all obviously same issue as with PC (not all PC can run the game, I believe you need a 64 bits) same as iOS I believe you need an iPhone 5s minimum and iPad 4 (maybe). So with Android it will be the same. So for me, it is about the way these dudes are talking when something doesn’t go as planned. Don’t blame the Android platform, just blame your own team and maybe they just have reached their capacity, I don’t know.