Drop shop

Hi, when will the new drop shop be coming to android please?


I second this question

I am also curious. Android is currently my only way to use Zwift since my laptop cannot run the software (it’s Windows 32-bit), and I have no Apple devices.

Also, will our profiles get credited somehow for drops while we use Zwift on Android?

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I’m also an android only user with 32 bit pc, currently we are at a competative disadvantage now everyone else can get the top gear

You are at no disadvantage, the upgrade will add very little to the performance within Zwift.

Just an FYI, Android is still in beta and it could take a little longer to get the update out to that platform.

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Are you suggesting better wheels/frames have no impact in zwift?

No more than leveling up does. The draft has much more impact than any of the updated equipment.

I used the 808/Super9s last night and didn’t see any gains in speed.

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Yes but everyone on every platform can level up, it seems only android users cannot access the new equipment. That makes it a disadvantage even if only marginal

And the Android platform is the only one still in beta. I am sure an update is coming.

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It probably is but that is why I asked the question of when

Historically, Zwift does not give out time frames on when things get released.

Even an ‘we are working on it but not sure of a time frame’ reply would be better than nothing

Happy to say android has had an update today and now has the drop shop

I do wish zwift would send an alert that an update is available!:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: