No Drop shop

(B Trodden) #1

Hi all I can’t get on to drop shop and have no Zwift update. Can anyone help
Many thanks
Barry T

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

What platform and what is the version that you are running?

There is also this thread: Zwifters are not receiving their Drops

(B Trodden) #3

I’m on iPad and and I’m updated I followed your thread and sent email. Many thanks for your help.
Barry T

(B Trodden) #4

My new update just come through thanks for your help
Barry T

(Ajay) #6

No drop shop or update for me either

(William Reis) #7

No Garage or drop for me

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #8

Did you go to the app store and check if there is a update?