Android full app suport


Does anyone have any info or insight on when we are likely to see the android full app released ?

Its in the pipeline as it was recently mentioned on youtube at a bike show.


We’ll be sure to let people know when it’s ready. :slight_smile:

Hi Eric,

None of my devices are ideal for zwift as they are too old. The windows laptop and MBP are too old :frowning:  So I am trying to make a choice of whether I upgrade one of these or wait for android.  I would rather wait for android as its likely to be the least expensive option.  But I don’t want to wait too long

So if you could provide a slightly more insightful answer that would be great, at least when is a beta likely to be, this side of Christmas ?


Hi John,

I do not have any more of an answer for you than that. Anything more concrete and the developers my string me up by my toes and beat me with used seat-posts unfortunately.

I would wait to upgrade until after the new year, however.