Zwift Full?

(Andy Bain) #1

Hi, I just managed to convince a friend to join Zwift. He is telling me that when he tried to download the app it says that Zwift is full and that more places will be released soon. Is this the case?



(Daren) #2

Is he trying to download the Android app? It’s feasible that that is full, since it’s in beta.

(Andy Bain) #3

Thanks. I believe it is yes. I didn’t realise that was the case as I use a Mac. Any clues as to when more spaces may be available?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4

I think you are confused. Zwift is not full, but I think there is a limit in the download of the Zwift Android Beta App.

You will have no issues with the Mac as long as it meets the minimum requirements:

(Daren) #5

No idea myself.

The FAQ just says:

No special invite necessary. However, there are limited quantities available. If you are unable to download Zwift beta, you may need to wait until the next release date for availability.

(Andy Bain) #6

Yeah. It’s just the way he described it to me on the phone as “full”. It all works fine for me on Mac but I was just trying to find out for him why he was unable to download the app as I was the one who convinced him to get on Zwift.