Android Beta Update (October 1, 2018)

The newest Zwift Game update has been released for Android Beta! You can check the general game release notes here: Zwift Game Release: Oct 1, 2018

Here are some Android specific notes:

  • Wahoo KICKRs now support ERG and Resistance (Wahoo!)
  • Custom workouts now saved to Cloud
  • Game loads faster (after first initial load of new version)

The beta is now open :ride_on: :ride_on:

THanks for the update! I was able to update on my S7. I know beta was going to repoen around update time. Any word on compatibility for Tab A? I checked if it would be added once update occured but still not showing up in the playstore. Thanks again for the help.

No word yet Buddy but if there is a change I’ll update the Android supported devices thread: Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: September 18, 2018)

I have had a couple of small issues using a Huawei P20 Pro with cadence and HR sensor pairing issues and the app does not seem to be controlling my Cycleops trainer. I’ve put more detail in the P20 Pro thread.

  • Custom workouts now saved to Cloud

Does this mean we can now put custom workouts in the cloud and have them appear on the Android device … if not :frowning: and when will this be available

Hello, Using zwift for first time on my Samsung Galaxy S7 running of a Wattbike Pro. Have done 3 sessions in the last week and there are a couple of things I’ve had issues with:-

  1. My Garmin HRM won’t connect even although it’s connected with Wattbike
  2. Exiting the Zwift app is not easy - seems to get stuck every time and I’ve ended up having to restart my phone
  3. And it uses a huge amount of battery charge but I understand there’s a lot going on!

Hey Stephen, which connection are you using to pair Garmin HRM: ANT + or BLE?
Also how are you exiting Zwift app? By force closing?

Ant+ for hrt rate monitor.
I have to force close to exit the app.

Hi Vincent, I ended up connecting with a wahoo tickr heartrate monitor instead of the garmin. Unpaired it from the list of paired devices in Bluetooth connections and it connected fine. (My garmin is connected on ANT+.)
In terms of exiting the app and I am having to force close every time.