Zwift Android Beta

(Anabolic Sufi) #1

Hi Zwift,

Thank you for releasing the Android Beta version for Zwift.

I just installed this version on my Android TV device namely H96 Pro Plus but haven’t been able to pair any of the Bluetooth sensors to it was only able to use the just watch feature.

Have used the same sensors i.e. Cyclops Hammer, Garmin v3s, tacx HR Sensor with apps like rouvy and wahoo fitness on the same device. Would be nice to be able to run everything on the TV box without the need for a laptop or smart phone.


(Vincent W.) #2

Moving topic to Android Beta Feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up! Have you not been able to have any of the devices show up in your pairing screen? Have you made sure to close those other apps and disconnect your devices from all other programs besides Zwift?

(Anabolic Sufi) #3

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your reply.

I noticed that all the other apps that I installed asked me for location service permission and the zwift beta didn’t. So I went and enabled location services for all in the Android settings and now am able to pair with all sensors. But… The cyclops hammer is showing as connected in the pairing / controller section of the pairing window but in game I can feel no resistance on grades etc. So I switched the device off and checked again on my laptop if the hammer was at fault and it worked just fine like it always does.

Another feedback I’d like to give is that when first installed there is a splash screen window that comes at first welcoming in game and I was unable to remove it as the device doesn’t have touch screen (I thought at first it was just a bug and stuck on that screen) so any way I installed a computer mouse on the the box H96 Pro Plus and clicked and dragged to the screen saying let’s go or something similar.

Otherwise the game works okay, graphics are not like they are on the laptop but still great to have it all on one device.

I would also like to add that the trainer difficulty was set to Max and it was still showing no resistance at 6% grades. Another glitch I noticed was with the Garmin v3s where when they were paired as cadence sensor the cadence would jump from sometimes at 1 and another time at 192rpm and the rider would start sprinting on it’s own. Been using them on the laptop set up just fine. And no such error while using the hammer when it comes to power and cadence.