Beta updates are slow/non-existent and scarce

Hi zwift

Sorry to be a pain but it feels very much like the android beta is the ugly kid in the room that noone wants to talk about

I understand that 3d capability is a biggy for android device BUT this doesn’t explain why zwift beta is showing no signs of improvement as a whole.

A key area is the utter lack of updates regarding ant+ compatibility. This is clearly an in built feature on quite a few devices, yet here we are wondering why it can’t be included when it’s a default requisite. This for me (and probably many other garmin kit owners) is a deal breaker atm.

C’mon zwift team. I’m keen to use zwift but please send out regular updates and give us an indication of milestones for key things such as ant+ etc…


A frustrated zwift fan.

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Noted! We have changed a couple of our platforms and have transferred older updates over in the meantime scaling back a bit. We’re getting right on it with keeping you all posted. Thank you for writing in!

Tnx for your response and apologies fkr veing salty.

Out of curiosity Do you have an estimated timeline on ant+ being included on a future release?

thanks in advance

No problem, we’re all ears to any advice you have for us. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I do not have an estimated timeline for ANT + and there isn’t an official one yet. We’re still working out the kinks in some game and BLE issues present to make sure that connection can run as soon as possible. Beta versions of applications are always a journey so the fact that you’re patient with us is more than we could ask for. :raised_hands: