Zwift Game v1.33 Major Issues Update [January 2023]

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mike and I wanted to give you an update on two major issues we introduced in the latest Zwift update (1.33).

  1. Issues with Trainer Resistance and ERG mode: We were making some updates to our ANT+ connectivity code and it introduced issues that manifested as resistance, power, and ERG discrepancies for some users. We have reverted the changes in a patch and are testing it with some impacted users who have seen positive results. We believe this will address the issue and are working to get it out by today (Jan 27 PST). We will continue to monitor after the patch to ensure it addresses all the issues in this area.

  2. Drops counter slowing/stalling/freezing for some users. We introduced a rounding bug that affects users with large amounts of drops accumulated. Given the severity of the first issue, we are prioritizing releasing #1 and will patch this issue once we have a confirmed fix for the ANT issue released. Given the nature of this issue we can determine who might have been affected and we will credit you drops after the fix for this issue is released.

Thank you for your patience, we’re working hard to get you back on the road again as fast as possible.

Mike Lusthaus and the whole Zwift Engineering team


Seems perfectly reasonable.

Fair play for remedying things quickly.

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I was using bluetooth and erg mode was still broken - will this patch only update ant+ issues?


Thanks for update but this is the latest in a continuous stream of broken releases. Not so bad normally but this ruins the ability to use what we’ve paid for. Will those of us affected be getting a refund this month as a gesture of good will?


I think we all know the answer to that.

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Yeah, amazed they called them major issues and not “major new features”, but appreciate the communication.

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I’m affected by both of these issues; in particular the trainer issue is really bad since the trainer will randomly not show up as FE-C in the connection screen (but will show up as legacy KICKR) or randomly go to 0 W at the start of a ride. Restart needed to fix.

Wahoo Kickr; Windows 10; ANT only, no Bluetooth; all latest updates of everything.

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Affected by the ERG issue, major letdown today when I could not do the schedule workout, but it was not just Ant+ affected, BLE also not working, tried on Windows 10, Mac Os, Companion All, nothing!

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Thanks for the clear communication and quick action. Much appreciated.

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Just did a tour#6 and experience a couple of problems. I use apple tv and did a reboot after seing the problems… First I had jerking screen and sometimes I was seing only the bikes without the riders. It stop after reboot of the apple TV… … The drop counter did not work most of the time, the bot Miguel sometimes show up just behind me when it was way behind, on the way down volcano crosssing his path… And the legs movement sometimes was way off… Did not have any issue with the previous update…Thanks…

thanks for the communication. Let us know if you need testing or help. I will be able to provide feedback once the patch is rolled out as I can only connect using ANT+ with Tacx NEO and Windows 10 computer without Bluetooth capability.

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Hi - I use a Life Fitness T5 treadmill for running with Zwift - since the update yesterday my iPad/iPhone no longer picks up the treadmill to pair with it - the treadmill is working just fine and it does connect if I try and connect with Apple TV - will there be a bug fix so the iPad/iPhone issue is sorted? many thanks


Do a complete uninstall of the Zwift app on your AppleTV. RESTART the AppleTV, then reinstall Zwift, and log back in. This solved the issues I was having on that platform - I’ve ridden twice since. (I’d suggest doing a full uninstall/reinstall of the Companion app while you’re at it)

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Good suggestion! Thanks!

Thank you for clear communication and quick response.

With the 1.33 update the return of (F10) screenshots not uploading to Strava Bug is back again. Please investigate after #1 and #2 problems have been fixed.

Also thx for the quick and clear communication.

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That’s not exclusive to this update. The issue of it ignoring your screenshot preferences has been ongoing for a while.

Suggestion: update when there are major issues with either client software or back end services


Exactly the same for me! RunSocial works, as does the LifeFitness Connect app (I tested a workout), so I know the T5 BLE is working fine. The connection screen on Zwift also is now missing HR and cadence to pair.