Game Update 1.16 - August 19th, 2021

Hey Zwifters, there is an updated game client available today which includes a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The 1.16 update is available for download now on all supported platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Apple TV).

If you are planning to join an event on your next Zwift session, please make sure you log in a few minutes early to download the update to get access to all the latest features.

New Features and Content

  • Route Progress Bar: One of the community’s most requested features, the Route Progress Bar includes route name, progress of lead-in distance (if any), progress on route distance, and lap separators for routes with multiple laps. Additionally, this feature includes a completion notification once you’ve reached the full route distance, even if you already have the route badge.
  • Two new routes have been added to the Yumezi map in Makuri Islands.
    • Valley to Mountaintop is a 5km (3.1mi) end to end route taking Zwifters up the reverse temple climb, gaining 130m (426ft) of elevation.
    • Farmland Loop is a low stress, mostly flat route around the open areas of the Yumezi farmlands. The route is 7.8km (4.8mi) including lead-in and gains 57m (187ft) of elevation.
  • Zwift Academy is returning with programs for Road, Run and Tri! This release includes workouts and unlocks related to the Zwift Academy Road Program. Learn more and register for all three Zwift Academy programs at
  • Added Return to Running Workouts, designed for new runners, runners returning from injury, a period of inactivity or pregnancy.
  • Added Norseman Group Event Workouts.
  • Added 5 new bikes to the Drop Shop:
    • SCOTT Addict RC
    • Cervelo S5 (2020)
    • Van Rysel EDR CF
    • Canyon Ultimate CFR
    • BMC Roadmachine
  • Added 3 new wheelsets to the Drop Shop:
    • Cadex 65
    • Cadex 42
    • DT Swiss ARC 1100 DISC Aero TT
  • Added support for the Elite Rizer for both in-game steering and terrain simulation.
  • Added support for the Wahoo Element Rival watch.
  • Added support for sending user weight to FTMS compatible trainers.

Feature Improvements

  • Zwifters will no longer see the Steering tutorial in-game if you select OK or the tutorial screen times out.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to toggle the Hide Display mode during a free ride.
  • Fixed an issue where Pace Partners would occasionally flicker when colliding with another Zwifter.
  • Fixed an issue causing some Zwifters to see assert errors when trying to log in.
  • Fixed an issue where the jersey reward for the 2017 Trek-Segafredo Pro Jersey Mission had been removed from the garage of Zwifters who had completed the Mission.
  • Fixed an issue with bike shadows being incorrect in one specific place in Watopia. I know Watopia is not haunted, I mean I’m pretty sure … right?
  • Fixed an issue that would not award the Elite kit to Zwifters who paired their Elite Suito trainer via BLE.
  • Made minor modifications to in-game messaging in a number of workouts.

Update 1.16.1 - August 25th

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Route Progress Bar to remain on screen after finishing a point to point route.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented run devices which broadcast power from being recognized in the Running pairing screen.
  • Corrected weight and aero values for the Canyon Ultimate CFR, Cervelo S5 2020, and Scott Addict RC.
  • Corrected aero values for the Cadex 65 wheelset.

Update 1.16.2 - September 2nd

  • Fixed an issue which prevented some users from being able to pair a controllable smart trainer on subsequent sessions without closing the app first.
  • Fixed an issue with the Cervelo S5 2020 having incorrect aerodynamic values.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the new Garmin kit to replace the original Tacx kit.

If you happen to hit any issues with this update, please post in the thread below.

See you in Watopia, Ride On! :ride_on:


Looking forward to trying the new routes! If you are interested, feel free to check out my article which has images of the routes and other content that was added, my thoughts on the update, some images of the new bikes(there are a lot and they look insane! The new disc wheel especially), a list of the known issues related to this update, and some images of the new route UI: Zwift update released August 2021 (1.16) – Pursuit Cycling For Kids. I’ll have to wait for Zwift Insider’s speed tests to come through to know which one to buy first!

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@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn is going to be busy with all these new bikes and wheels!


When the meetup race results is gonna be fixed?


Question, In the WOZ episode you mentioned that there would be new pack dynamics that would be tested for certain group rides. Is that still the case? Didn’t see anything mentioned on the release notes.

Truth! I like being busy though.

@Wes: I’m not seeing the new “Return to Running” plan in the plans list…?


It was specifically mentioned that the new dynamics could/would be rolled out from the server end, rather than client.


@Wes Does this update fix the ‘completely white’ start pen banners and lap counters (on TV OS)? How about the issue many TV OS users seem to be having with Zwift ‘hanging’ at the top of the Alpe?


If your PC launcher has stuck on the opening dialogue box for say 5 or more minutes, then force close it and re-open, you should get the dialogue box asking for permission to apply the update to your PC (ie it gets stuck as it doesn’t have admin rights to apply the update, bouncing the App helps it realise this)
Now to tick off the 2 new routes :slight_smile:
New Roads next month?

When will we see you add Bianchi to the bike range along with some longer and harder routes to the new map?


The plan is an ‘on demand’ format, not structured. You can find it in the Running Workouts menu.

Can’t wait to check the route progress bar.

Update: I like it. :+1:


Lots of foliage updates. :laughing:


I keep having issues since the last update with workouts not using ERG correctly. It takes a short time to kick in and then there is a delay in the power change when the interval ends. My best guess is the delay at the start is a constant delay and the power only matches the interval timing after between 1min and 3min. My experiences of this have been during meet ups - I haven’t tried outside of a meet up yet.


Finally route progress, I did three routes back to back to back and it’s so depressing not knowing where or how or when I’m going to finish a route. Super excited to see the progress bar later today when I zwift.

I hope we can get a map builder one day so the community can create new maps and share with others. Using that builder you could also import real life rides and have the routes constructed from GPS coordinates. Wouldn’t that be insane?

@Wes and can we please list the brands in the drop shop alphabetically! My OCD is off the charts when browsing the drop shop and trying to find certain brands. :pray: :pray: :pray:


There was a mistake in that item in my notes, it’s not a Training Plan, it’s a group of workouts. Check the workouts folders.


Correct, the Pack Dynamics testing will happen independent of this client release.

Not sure if this is intentional or not but Cadex is missing a logo in the drop shop


L, E, Z, C, B, D, S…