Release patch notes hard to find

I find it almost impossible to find the release notes for Zwift. Searching 1.16.3 here has nothing. ATV May have it but it’s buried. Goggle search nothing.
Can Zwift just post an easy to find area here? It should not be this hard to see what’s changed in a release or patch.

Patches are described in the main thread for the game update, as here: Game Update 1.16 - August 19th, 2021

PS: the latest version as of right now should be 1.16.2, which may explain why you’re not finding anything.


I’m sure your search will find patch 1.16.3 soon :slight_smile:


Cervelo 2020 nerfed GG

Update 1.16.3

We nerfed everything. No drop shop refunds either. Sucks to be you suckers. Ha ha ha.


The lesson is don’t buy any new wheels or frames in Zwift until 3-4 months later after they’ve been nerfed.

First they fix the Cervelo to be fast (as in real life) then slow it down again (unlike reality).

Is there a roadmap for the next release (sprint) so we can see what fixes are in there and what is going to be nerfed?

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