Does Zwift release its release notes?

So Zwift applied an update today. Naturally, I´m curious about what´s changed, however I can´t for the life of me find release notes anywhere, not on the web, not in local installation folders etc.

Surfing the forum leads me to think that Zwift doesn´t release its release notes to the public or have I missed something. I´m hoping for the latter, as the former is poor product management practice.



you missed it

Wouldn’t say OP missed it. Zwift edited the 1st post of a thread that is 166 replies long so kind of easy to not see it or be notified of its change. Especially when you (or at least for me) click on a post it loads up the most recent unread (or end of the thread) post.

Maybe it’s a better idea to just have a sticky thread labeled “Release Notes” that a new post can be made by Zwift every time a new version or patch comes out so people can easily find it.


Seeing as April 21st was a while ago, not sure how OP would have known to look there.

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Well he said…

typing “release notes” in the search bar brings up the Game Update threads… so he missed it…

But, yeah, they do hide the patch notes in the main update thread which is easily missed…

Release notes can be found in several places. Apple TV and iOS show them in the App store. ZwiftInsider posts them on his web site. And as mentioned above, they are posted here on the forums.

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