What' with the new update

(Eric) #1

Just got a new update today. I update mu zwift and went straight to the dropshop thinking they would have fix the zipp super9 disk wheel but there still missing?? What this update do? Probably fixed the problem when we went into our garage to change some items and weren’t able to come back.

(_) #2

Release notes for updates would be good. Most games and other software provide release notes with updates, with Zwift its a mystery. Generally if you are one of those who have a current issue with your setup you need to just spin the wheel when you see an update and hope it was resolved. Proper release notes when updates occur would help a lot of people, including those who experience issues after an update. Streamlines the troubleshooting issues process for all involved.

(I ) #4

Edit: I’m dumb had it set to the wrong trainer. Please ignore.