Release Notes for 1.0.67629 build

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New release on 5th of May doesnt appear to have any accompanied Forum post on this.

(Also is there an archive of all release notes somewhere ?)

On the april 21st update post there are notes there at the top. They edited the post because it was just a minor update.

The notes for the May 5 patch are appended to the first post in the April 21 release notes

We start a new thread for a major game release, and append notes for minor releases to the same thread.
The April 21 release is version 1.12.0
The May 5 release is version 1.12.1
We have been using this nomenclature publicly for the past two major release cycles because it’s less confusing than 1.0.XXXXX, as the XXXXX version numbers can vary dependiing on the OS platform

When we release 1.13.0, we’ll start a new forum thread for those release notes. All the previous release notes are kept in the same forum board called What’s New > Zwift Game

Sorry for the confusion - hope this helps clear it up!

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@shooj can I suggest Zwift thinks about altering how it posts release notes?

While it’s easier to just edit and append to the original thread and 1st post it is not necessarily easy to find said edits.

For instance, the April 21 release thread has 166 replies. If I click that thread on my mobile web browser I have to scroll all the way up to the top through 100+ posts to see the update as it loads (on my phone) to the most recent post.

Maybe instead of editing the original post in a thread for patch release notes a new post (within the major game release thread) would make it easier and more visible to the community as it will show as a new post when filtering the forums by activity.

Or alternatively, create a sticky thread called “Release Notes” (or something like that) and each time a major update or patch goes out a new post is put in there with the version # and what it includes. This thread could be set to no replies so only Zwift employees have the ability to update it to keep it from getting crazy.

Just my two cents on how to make these communications more visible and easier for subscribers to find.


A few months back it was the standard practice to make a new reply to the thread with the patch notes. That at least made it easier to see.


If minor bugfix update notes are going to be appended to the relevant minor release thread, they should also be posted as a new reply in the thread. There’s no great downside of repeating them, but more people might notice them.

It would, I think, also help to update the post title.


Game Update - April 21st, 2021
Game Update - April 21st, 2021 (updated May 5th 2021)

That would make it clearer there’s been another minor update.


Just make a new topic for every new release even if it is just a patch.

Game Update - <DATE_> (<VERSION_NUMBER>)


Yeah, I don’t see why not either. If they want some connection to the minor content update it relates to, they could link that from the first post.


I think this is a developer vs. user thing. For users, anytime we have an update of the application, it’s seen as a release. For the Zwift developers, they see the little bugfixs (1.12.0 to 1.12.1 for instance) for the things that were screwed up in the big monthly release (1.11.0 to 1.12.0). Obviously one way will be much better for the users to follow what’s going on and the other is much easier for ZHQ to do things. I’m pretty sure we know which way the ax is gonna fall in this case…