update log timely additions to what is new

Hi guys, could you please get the new updates on the what’s new with changes at a time that is consistent with the actual changes?  For instance there was an upgrade today but there is no documentation of what has changed.  In beta stages this is very import for both sides of the table, the users and the developers. thx

They are pretty good about getting the change notes up on the same day they release: https://support.zwift.com/hc/communities/public/posts/202283129-What-s-new-on-Watopia-4-30-v1-0-4881-

Personally, I would rather they spend the time on making the changes rather than documenting them. Developer time is generally needed to generate detailed release notes, which means there’s less time to do “real” work.

The community has been doing a good job at discovering the changes. If you check on the Zwift Riders facebook group you can generally get a pretty good idea of what’s new within hours of an  update.