Today's Update

I saw my PC client complete an update today. There is no statement from Zwift anywhere I can find (News forum, twitter, etc.) Is there any way to see patch notes or a change log?

Best way to keep track of game updates is to head over to our What’s New board..
There, you can set your notification preferences for things posted to that board by selecting the bell icon.

Game update logs are coming, but a little slower than normal with the holidays and whatnot. Keep an eye out for the release notes from @Jon on that board.

Thanks @shooj, that’s where I have been looking, but didn’t see a post today, although there was an update. I’ll chalk it up to the holidays, which is more than fair. Thanks again for the quick response.

Looks like the big update is a 400m running track according to ZwiftInsider:

@shooj Thanks for the update. Unfortunately the scirpt error that appears when launching Zwift on a German Windows is not fixed.