What's New on Zwift! 10/1 (v1.0.7745)

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #1

Hello Zwifters, it’s time again for another update.  While there aren’t any major changes in this update, it does sets in place the October course schedule for Watopia & Richmond and adds some new items which will be revealed in the next 7 days.

Some noteworthy changes are:

  • Watopia has had some enhancements added. Expect more soon as we continue to build out the world.
  • We now record the version of your KICKR firmware.  This is in preparation for us using a more reliable way to control KICKR units, one which requires the latest firmware.  If you’ve not updated it already, now is a good time to do so.
  • Turbo Muin virtual power curve tweaked
  • New trainer selection screen for virtual power users
  • Help screens added to device pairing, if you’ve never paired devices before
  • In-game messaging supports special characters from some non-english languages now
  • The old Zwift jersey is now only available to our beta users who were with us up to this point.  A new Zwift jersey is now the default jersey.

Of course, as with every update, there’s many other changes and fixes that made it into the mix.

Ride on!

Team Zwift

(Barry Gardner Pack) #2

Love the funfair and the new buildings…but where are we going to get shot of the noisy construction works. :wink:

(Barry Gardner Pack) #3

How about a coffee and cake shop?

(Lauris Ievins) #4

New country flags. Yay!

(John (Chemo) Chappers) #5

I’d be happy just being able to log in. No matter how many times, or what I try, nothing loads  up past the intitial login and splash screen???

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #6

Hi John,

Did you submit a support ticket or go through our Knowledge Base article that details crashes and possible solutions? https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/sections/201145295-Technical-Issues 

(Andrew Jarrod) #7

Hi guys.  I think it’s fantastic that you are continuing to enhance Watopia.  I’m a new user and I’m very impressed with the world you’ve created so far, but it’s great to hear you are still making it even more impressive.

Hopefully in the future you will even build different routes on the island.

(Andrew Jarrod) #8

Btw - 12 days later…  What were the items that would be announced in the next 7 days ?  

I guess the charging model and “training modules” have been announced on Facebook - although I can’t see anything official on the website - but the details of the later are very sparse.  Was I expecting too much ?

As a new Zwift user I guess that the website for Zwift is old school and if you want the latest news you need to follow in Facebook ?  No problems, I’m already signed up.

(Isaias O'Daniell) #9

John Chapman, I had the same issue, but discovered it was caused by not having my ANT+ stick installed before logging in.

(John (Chemo) Chappers) #10


Isaias O’Daniel, all sorted thanks, it was the new microsoft Win10 video drivers. Took them off and reverted back to the manufacturers drivers.