What's new on Zwift Island! 03/26 (v1.0.4223 PC and 4208 Mac)

Hey Zwifters! A bunch of fixes and behind-the-scenes changes for more stability this time around. Just a quick round-up:

  • Additional fixes for ‘crazy’ steering on slow machines
  • Leaderboards now highlight your name again after going through the arches
  • Double entries on leaderboards are fixed
  • Missing arch ‘pins’ are now back on the course profile map
  • Additional tuning for the JetBlack Z1 zPower
  • KICKR code updated
  • Disabled Virtual RPM display - only real cadence will show now
  • You can now upload a photo to your personal dashboard
  • Web Dashboard now properly saves information and more minor improvements
  • More flags added

We’ve also added support for the CycleOps Powerbeam Pro smart trainer (but invites will be limited until we iron out all the kinks).

Additionally, we added virtual power support for the following trainers:

  • TravelTrac Comp Mag+
  • CycleOps Mag
  • CycleOps Magneto
  • Elite HydroMag
  • Elite Novo Force
  • Elite Crono Fluid

As always, we look forward to reading your comments, suggestions, and feedback in our  Zwift Support Community.

Ride on!

Team Zwift

Good stuff. Can you provide any more details on the Kickr code update? What changes should we expect to see?

I’m wondering if there is a different dashboard…  My Zwift dashboard doesn’t have these new features…yet?  Is it because I am using Firefox maybe?

I also don’t have the new dashboard updates except adding a profile photo.

You’ve also fixed the Computrainer cadence issue on the Windows version. A big thank you!

Clear your cache in regards to the dashboard.

I’ve tried 3 browsers and all are the same.  I can add a profile photo but not edit filenames.

Hi - I’ve got a quick question regarding the Elite Hydro-mag power-curve. Have you worked out the curve yourself or is it supplied by Elite? It’s just I’ve used the official Elite power curve on Trainerroad and Elite’s app, and I think I should give up my job in IT and join the pro peloton…  if you know what I mean? :slight_smile:

It seems to be quite inaccurate on those two apps. I have an FTP/KG of about 5.5W with it!

I haven’t used the trainer in Zwift yet but don’t want to be on virtual EPO.




I’ve noticed that, since the update, after around 10 laps, the leader boards are now blank. This was also noticed by my partner on her turn, also at around 10 laps.

Also, today for the first time since I began riding on Zwift, I experienced my first ever resistance dropouts on the Kickr. These happened after the sharp bend at the bottom of the polka-dot hill. I sorted them out using the Wahoo app but they were annoying. Additionally, the resistance seemed a bit higher than usual (not a bad thing as long as it’s not just me!).

I still notice double entries on leaderboards, happened on a couple of rides now



If you could snag a screenshot of when that happens and submit a ticket, that would be most helpful.

In regards to editing dashboard names - looks like that was in error and that functionality is still forthcoming.