What New In the Update?

What are the improvements/changes in today’s update?

Release logs with version number changes in updates will only help the beta testers help you guys make this a (more) awesome product!

Last nights patch was a minor patch meant to address issues on very slow machines, and those with open support tickets were notified of the change. A bigger update is coming down next week and it’ll have an email blast with “whats changed”, as will most of our big updates over the winter.

Having said that, feel free to try the F1 through F8 keys now :slight_smile:

In particular try the “3” view…interesting…

Greg, I mean “F1 through F8”, not 1 through 8.

1-8 are views
F1-F8 are actions (which are broadcast to everybody nearby)

Jon - I got you on the "f keys.

I was cycling through the views and had a pretty bizarre site in view 3. I thought it was an intended Easter egg. If not let me know and I’ll elaborate. Don’t want to spoil it for anyone else. But is was a bizarre view that lasted maybe 30 seconds then reverted to normal.