Game Update 1.16 - August 19th, 2021

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There’s a bug with Anquetil bot. She turned off while a whole group was following her. Group continued! Super frustrating.

And I would love to have “sell” or “remove” option. With level increase you have a lot of frames and wheels that you are not using and there is no need to still have them in the garage.


I know my wife would love a virtual Bianchi. Because I won’t buy her a real one (yet)! :slight_smile:


They fixed the crazy bike shadows? :slightly_frowning_face: I thought that was kinda cool, myself. Maybe they could bring those back on Halloween, April Fool’s Day, and every Friday 13.


I hope this update doesn’t turn out to be the same disaster as the last one.


It pains me to have to ride a different make but at least I can change the colour to Celeste as an homage.

Think of the brownie points you’d get for buying her one on her birthday.

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Literal tears of joy are caressing my face on reading about the route progress functionality addition. I have been Zwifting for a year and a half. And for a year and a half this had been my most desired feature. Zwift has added a new world called…Heaven. :joy:

Update: Just had my first ride with this new feature. In general, it was lovely. I do have one piece of feedback. Route progress is given graphically via a horizontal progress bar. If you want to know how many actual kilometers you still need to ride to finish a route, the best you can do is an rough approximation by looking up at the kilometers you’ve ridden metric, and cross-referencing that against the graphical route progress bar. I found that to involve more mental gymnastics than I care to employ while concentrating on my riding. And in the end, as I said above, the best you can do is get a rough approximation of how many kilometers you still need to ride. I would :heart: to see the “number of kilometers left to finish a route” be a metric provided by this new feature. Any chance that might happen?


They’re mostly fixed. Still flickers annoyingly at times.

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Are you sure it’s a bug? Are they still programmed to turn off at specific times?

@Wes and still no support for Wahoo Direct Connect. All other major platforms support this.


We’re still working on it. Want to be sure that connection is rock-solid before we put it out.


There are several reports from users that can’t pair their controllable trainer separately from a second power meter on the bike. If that’s happening to you - please join us on this thread already under way.


Definitely a bug. If you select to follow them from the menu, you will continue to follow them unless you change your direction. She left the group following her!

We’re on it. Should be resolved in the next major release.


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Trek Madone bike has a constantly spinning back wheel. In both garage and on course before starting to ride.

I was experiencing a significant lag when expecting ERG to increase power on the workout I completed after updating the app.

Using the Tacx Neo 2T. Firmware is up to date.


Sounds like the ANT & BLE dll file updates are causing the usual array of connectivity issues.

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Me gustaría hacer dos peticiones, la primera sería poder cambiar de la modalidad bici a correr sin tener que cerrar la app, y la otra es que los mensajes en pantalla durante los entrenos, podamos elegir el idioma de nuestra región… En mi caso en español… Gracias