Game Update 1.17 - September 15th, 2021

Hey Zwifters, we have released version 1.17 of the game client, which includes a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The update is available for download now on all supported platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Apple TV).

If you are planning to join an event on your next Zwift session, please make sure you log in a few minutes early to download the update to get access to all the latest features.

New Features and Content

  • Added the Shimano C50 and Cadex 36 wheelsets to the Drop Shop.
  • Added new Workout of the Week for release 1.17.
  • The Specialized Tarmac SL7, Canyon Aeroad, and Pinarello Dogma F have been updated to use the recently released Shimano Dura-Ace 9200 groupset.

Feature Improvements

  • Added the remaining distance to the route progress bar for free ride.
  • The route progress bar now remains visible when you’re in a timed segment.
  • The steering tutorial screen will now only appear one time for a Zwifter.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where some events would not properly show the lead in text in the event progress bar.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause a Zwifter to be misrouted on the Mega Pretzel route in a Meetup.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause Sterzo device users to get a second update prompt after completing a device update.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the Velonews kit not to properly unlock or appear in the garage.
  • Fixed an issue for Zwift Academy Road Baseline & Finish Line Rides which caused segment distance markets to appear in the incorrect place. Segments now start and end with Zwift Academy arches.

Update 1.17.1 - September 20th

  • Fixed an issue that would cause native bluetooth pairing to fail on some Windows 10 devices.

Update 1.17.2 - October 11th

  • Added support for new resolutions for Apple A15 based devices.

If you happen to hit any issues with this update, please post in the thread below.

See you in Watopia, Ride On! :ride_on:


Fix for erg mode issues on Bluetooth? Apple TV issues?


ANT+ and BLE libraries have been updated again, so we’ll have to see if the intention is to fix stuff.


Maybe my HRM will stay connected longer than 30 seconds now.


My Bluetooth conection in races always make me dropout :frowning:


Has the issue of pairing separate trainer and powermeter been fixed?

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NoesisGUI. :thinking:


Here are the update notes with a Zwift Insider flair: Zwift Update Version 1.17.0 (80953) Released - Zwift Insider


Dura-Ace 9200 groupset :joy: thats what we need and wanted, forget about levels above 50 or new challenges


They definitely do have 12spd cassettes. :+1:


And still no support for Wahoo Direct connect. Any idea when this will be supported? @Wes


No support for chrome OS, Android on chrome book or Linux :frowning:


OMG I knew something was broken during workouts :woman_facepalming: This happened a few updates ago, didn’t it? :angry:


Any news on the Apple TV screen flickering?


I guess this confirms no UCI World Championships course this year either.


Bug report: the game seems to crash somewhat on exiting. Windows 10.

When saving my race just now I briefly saw the blue Z loading screen for some reason, then at the route selection menu when I pressed Exit nothing happened (button transition to Exiting sort of worked for a split second then went back to just Exit) and Zwiftapp.exe went unresponsive with the white screen for a second. Then it disappeared.

Ride seems to have saved fine.


The cat D Pace Partner seems to have gone walkies.

Edit: just came back as I was looking. Weird. :rofl:

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Just tested again, same weird saving/exiting behaviour. This is new.

Oh and the ‘long straight line teleporting to race start’ thing is still there.


Come on Zwift, let’s keep pushing those updates without proper testing and evaluation !
In stead, let the paying customer do the testing for you, so you won’t have to spent your $ and human resources on findind bugs and issues!