Game Update 1.17 - September 15th, 2021

:scream:W0W… I will run and start up everything to check if my Sterzo now is working again after being a dead front wheel stand for months…:pray:t3:Wish me luck!!


I would absolutely love for the “workout” tab to be available as the “leader” in a meet-up.
Im doing the ZA with a friend in meetups, and its abit frustrating that i can’t get the tab to show up on the companion app. Im on a phone using Android 11.

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Even just closing the game without doing a ride is wonky.

We split off several reports from Windows users that Bluetooth stopped working with this update.

If you’re having similar symptoms, please join us on this thread

I was hoping to see Flanders…


Yes! Totally agree. How can we make this happen?

I mean…this is pretty underwhelming for the first update of the new Zwift season. @Wes is there anything exciting / big coming?
Anything that touches on any of the items in the OP of this thread from 6 months ago? Anti sandbagging and other areas that need development and communication


Apparently the clicky buttons on ATV4K21 work now, that’s a pretty big deal. :wink:


Any news on the Fence test, how is it going @Wes




Great to see the distance added on the route progress bar! Here is my article with initial thoughts on the update, images of the new wheels, some information on the Apple TV remote support, and a list of bugs released in this update. Feel free to check it out: Zwift September Update Released (1.17) – Pursuit Cycling For Kids Also noticed a bug, in the drop shop the new shimano wheels do not have a name.

Anyone else now having issues connecting a trainer as controllable?

I’m connecting via the companion app, used to work fine and my kickr core would connect for power, cadence & controllable but after the update it will only connect for power and cadence (and even those are glitchy) but won’t find anything for controllable


Hopefully my BLE Wahoo ticker will stop dropping out now. I’ve eliminated every other cause

A new workout of the week and some wheels and some new bugs , this is barely pushing the expectations of a daily build , let alone a new “minor” release version.

No fixes or updates for the most posted about issues and certainly a huge vaccuous zero for all the much heralded vaporware items that Zwift used to talk about but even they must be realising that such failure to deliver is best ignored as its embarrassing to even attempt to make excuses now .

Must be having to divert even more resources away from supporting us to deliver the hardware donkey project which sucked up the investment and set this course in motion.


Wow, reading through this list of user problems, I must be very lucky. Zwift works faultlessly for me everyday. I use an Apple TV and Ethernet connection.


New banners look good.


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Yes for me too … but reading more and more users appearing to get pretty critical and fatal issues certainly doesnt fill me with confidence . Especially as they are tampering with core connection functionality right now ( BLE and ANT) , dont get that (the reason for it or the reason to release such changes in an apparent cavelier fashion). There is a growing sense of unease as to where Zwift are heading .

The payback of riding the crest of the lockdown wave is coming and there is nothing being offered as far as I can see to counter that . So yes it might still “work” for most of us , but I seriously doubt such low bar setting is going to be enough to prevent above .


No luck…ERG Mode is still toast on Apple TV and I can’t get my Kickr bike to adjust resistance and change the angle based on the terrain.


Please add BRAKES to ATV or the companion. Too hard to change bikes in a race and stay with your team. Thxs

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System: Windows 10 / Zwift 1.17. Nvidia RT2060 (latest drivers).

Camera angles 1 and 3 are now really shaky (much like how 2 always is) in watch mode. This was on Watopia on a baseline ride (advanced). No shakes seen on France map with another ride.

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