Zwift Game v1.33 Major Issues Update [January 2023]

Hi…thanks for the quick response. My Wahoo Kickr Core does not recognise gradient post the upgrade. No resistance change at all. I trust this is part of the reported issue?

To add…I tried multiple calibration tests and they all timed out. Resistance on acceleration/deceleration felt all over the place.

That does sound like the bug. However, you should still be able to calibrate using the Wahoo Fitness app, which is what you should always do. Never use Zwift to calibrate your trainer unless you have no other option. Calibration is saved to the trainer and does not need to be duplicated in separate apps.

Resistance in game mode is non existent. Going down hill is the same as going uphill. Still got watts though. Curious.


Thanks Paul. I didn’t know that…will do in future :blush:

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I experienced the “drop meter” intermittently freezing while riding TdZ Stage 6 (A Group), 3 Sisters today. I can tell you it is quite frustrating to see the counter stationary while you’re busting your thighs on the radio tower and other climbs. I accumulated a surprisingly low drop total for this complete ride, glad that we will get “reimbursed” once it is resolved. I’ve been saving up drops for a future shopping spree, and currently have >7.5 million. I understand this bug affected those with big drop balances.

I’m having the trainer resistance issues while not using ERG mode. Just normal TDZ group ride.

Take a look at activity1265368154683473968.

Uphill is less resistance, and downhill is more resistance.

Mac Ventura, ANT+, KICKR Core 824E


I’ve reported the problem directly to Zwift so hopefully they can fix the issue

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Thanks for the update but please answer this: HOW THE HELL DID THIS RELEASE PASS TESTING? Are you under such pressure to get new features live that testing is compromised?


It’s already been pointed out that the new release is working perfectly well for lots of folk. It’s therefore quite probable that none of the testing picked up these errors.

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Fundamental functionality for large swathes of users is broken. This is not some edge case scenario. Bugs following an update is a running joke in the Zwift community but this is a different level and suggests serious flaws in their development process.


Issue #1 seems pretty fundamental for the affected users. I’m not sure you have data backing up your “large swathes” statement though… It’s difficult to assess not knowing which hardware is affected. If it’s hardware specific (kinda implied by patch verification by affected users), it can be challenging to test all trainers available.
Issue #2 is not fundamental. I’m affected (18M drops barely moving over 3 days). It’s frustrating maybe. It should be easier to detect though. Hopefully, a corresponding test will be added…


FWIW, I just browsed the thread specific to ERG/difficulty not working as expected.
It appears that the problem affects fairly common hardware. The main trigger has to do with the connection method (i.e. ANT+). This should have made the issue easier to detect in QA. I’ll concede on that point.
OTOH, it also means that there’s a workaround, using BT instead. That should be available to many people.

Yes, there are a number of workarounds but that doesn’t negate the concern here: that testing of updates borders on incompetent. Zwift has transformed indoor training but let’s stop using that excuse to cut them slack time and time again.


This did not work on my iphone nor my mac

I am also having this issue but the reinstalling apps did not work. Did you find a solution?

I was having Erg and resistance issues after the update 2 days ago. I just logged in about an hour ago zwift had a new update. I went back to ant+ and everything worked as it should for me. I never had the drop problem.

PC, Kickr, BT, Win 10, Android CA.
After updating yesterday had the issues with drops only accumulating when I received a ride on plus the workout screen on the CA not showing the details correctly, otherwise everything appeared OK.
This morning, before the latest fix, I did another workout up AdZ and received a PB. I was doing Z1 so no idea what this was for. It doesn’t match any of my segment time in Strava. Strange.

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Hi Mike, after this morning’s small update, ERG is back to working with Ant+. But the drops are still still. Windows 10 updated with Wahoo Kick’r. Good job!

The update was to fix the ERG mode being broken and not drops.

That’s coming soon but in the meantime you will not lose any drops. Yes the counter may stall but behind the scenes they know what you’ve earnt.

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