Attention ANT+ Zwifters - please download 1.0.57791 [October 2020]

Hello ANT+ community,
There is a new Zwift Android release (57791) which fixes an ANT+ crash that impacted many users. Sincere apologies to all those affected.
Please grab the latest version, and let us know if you are still having problems.

Been having constant ANT+ issues since last week. Had an issue again today with 2 dropouts during a workout. It says the latest version of the app on my Samsung S6 tablet was installed yesterday…

Since last week’s update, husband has been having the same issues on his tablet as well. We’ve tried reinstalling the app, various internet connections and nothing seems to work!

Hello AA_Girard,
Welcome to the forums. Sorry for the troubles.
Can you be more specific about ‘constant ANT+ issues’?
The only issue we took action on was a stability issue, which was fixed in yesterday’s release.

Haven’t heard about any new dropout reports, but they do occur.
Can you give more details about what trainer you have?
And your husband’s setup? (android device, trainer, etc)
Also, prior to last week, were you encountering problems?
Those details can really help the us and the community.
Thank you,

Thanks for your reply and apologies for not responding sooner. I wanted to test it out again to see if there were still issues before getting back to you.

On my side, I am using a Samsung S6 tablet, a Power2Max power meter with ANT+ connection and a Garmin HR, also using ANT+. The last 5-6 rides I’ve done, my avatar comes to a complete stop, all sensors disconnected. I go into the menu to re-pair, and they seem to connect, the avatar moves forward a tiny bit and stops again. Sometimes I can get it to continue if I remove the HR connection and other times I’ve had to complete exit out of the ride and start again. I’ve also had success by changing internet connections, but not always. It had happened to me maybe once or twice in 6 months prior to last week, but now it’s almost every ride (no issue on Monday–interestingly my only non-workout ride…).

My husband also uses an S6 tablet (different one) and a STAC ZERO trainer with power (ANT+), with an old garmin HR monitor. He has not been experiencing as many dropouts as me, but if I am on zwift, he cannot at all connect his devices–they won’t pair. Until last week, we had been riding together almost every ride, with no problems.

If you can offer up any other advice as to what we can try to fix it, that would be great. In the meantime, we are checking with our internet provider to see if we can further improve our internet connection, but based on the issue and when it happens, it seems to be more of an ANT+ issue.

not sure it’s an ant+ issue unless the issue extends to paired head units as well. samsung tab s7+ with smart trainer connected via BLE. every ride, pretty much without fail zwift loses the connection to the trainer within the first 5-10 minutes of a ride. once that happens i cannot re-pair whatsoever. have to abandon the ride and re-start the tablet. smart trainer is simultaneously paired to a garmin tactix delta watch and edge 630 computer via ant+, which remain connected and continue receiving the signal broadcast from the bike after zwift loses the BLE connection. zwift is almost completely unusable on android tablet at this point for me

Same problem over here with my Garmin HR monitor and my Power2max. Both stopped connecting 2 months ago. Very frustrating as they both worked perfectly for 2 years.
Use a Windows 10 comp.

This thread is in the Android section.

If you don’t have the pulsing rings on the pairing screen any more in Windows, try this: ANT+ dongle not working on Windows? Solution here