Ant+ Dongle issues gone with last update

I have been dealing with ant+ connectivity issues since day 1 here on Zwift.  I signed up just nine weeks ago so I still have milk on my chin :).  I have tried everything I’ve seen here on forums and on the internet from usb driver upgrades, usb extensions, removing my fan, turning off security system, etc.  It has been so frustrating to deal with my power cutting off during rides.

Well I don’t know what happened after the last Zwift update we had.(Dec 15, 2017) It was just a quick update when I logged in…but they are completely gone.  Zero drops in the last 5 rides of close to 10 hours riding when before I would easily see 2-3 small to large drops every minute.  I’ve never believed it was a Zwift issue but maybe the update told my kickr to pull it’s head out.  I don’t know but I’m a happy biker right now.

Anyone else get connectivity back after the last update?