No ANT Dongle

When I am about 5 mins into my ride, all my devices drop and I get a message “No Ant Dongle.” Immediately after Zwift starts running very slowly and lagging as if I have a bad internet connection. After about 30 seconds this slows down enough to where I can operate the program. I unplug my dongle and plug it back in. Then reconnect all my devices. I try to pick up my ride then the same thing happens almost immediately. This has been a reoccurring problem; in the beginning I could just reconnect and everything would work fine again. I used the ANT dongle for about a month maybe two prior with no issues. I will say I am running all my USB devices off a multi port. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Hi Caleb.  It sounds like the USB hub might be having issues for a short period, which might cause the ANT driver to have to restart, which loses all your devices.  Can you try plugging the dongle into a port directly on the computer (hopefully using a USB extension cable to get better reception)?

My monitor has a USB port expander built in and it has the same issues maybe once every 10 hours - all usb devices drop and reconnect.  Not good in the middle of a ride. 

I took out the multi USB port and it seemed to help things but the problem still persists. I have played around with my set up and taken my cadence sensor off the Dongle and only have my HR monitor and the Power meter. 
I will lose connection multiple times in a short period of time every 30 to 45 seconds till I get so frustrated I have to completely stop (usually I make it 3 to 5 mins) and exit the ride. It is unpredictable when it occurs. Sometimes it will happen when I first start a ride or sometimes right in the middle. I have ordered a new ANT dongle in hopes that it can fix this problem.