ANT+ Support for Sterzo Smart

Does anyone from Zwift have an update on ANT+ support for the Elite Sterzo Smart? It has been over a year since these devices have hit the market and steering is still in Future Works. I understand that there may be concerns with opening up steering to live events, but hardware support should be independent of that. Many of us on PC/Mac have to set up an additional dongle or use the Companion App to connect the Sterzo. While that might not seem like a big deal, it is an extra step and it would be nice to have all devices connect quickly and seamlessly for your large contingent of ANT+ users. We are getting into peak indoor season and I’m hoping we can see more out of steering this year! :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I have heard, ANT+ has a slower response time with the Sterzo than BLE has.

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I’d like to hear some compelling release from Zwift as to why they would renege on their commitment to release ANT+ support “soon.” The protocol is more than capable of handling the demands of steering, clearly, there is some work to be done on integration. Elite recently released an update that was supposed to support ANT+ integration. If we are talking more than a second or two lag, there is something on the program end. Yet we have heard nothing officially about not supporting its full implementation.


Are you able to share the source of this inforamtion ( ANT+ has more latency versus BLE) ?

It is very disappointing ( although not unexpectedly so for those who have been around these parts for so long) that Zwift are not supporting innovation from there hardware “partners” . A cynical person might think they have a vested interest in not doing so for a specific reason . I dare say we wont get any response , or sadly any progress or delivery of this innovation no matter how long or loud we ask .

Is Futureworks still a thing at Zwift ? Havent seen anything at all being delivered from that project .


I will see if I can find it. It could have been a private conversation.

Now there have been firmware updates to Sterzo, so ANT+ could be just as responsive now. That does not mean Zwift is actively working on it thought, but they could be.

It was good to see dcrainmaker call out zwift for failing to support innovation in the latest attempt by Zwift to get everyone excited about there own hardware ambitions. If they are not listening to there users here perhaps they might when current strategy gets negative feedback from a more widespread industry view that Zwift are not innovators but inhibiters and get them to change tack.


Does the ANT+ protocol have support for steering?

Zwift please can we have ANT+ for the STERZO smart as soon as possible please.

This item was bought specifically for Zwift as it was a supported item from its “Partner”.

The firmware supports ANT+ but not the Zwift connection.

I don’t think there is a ANT+ protocol for steering. I have not seen the latest protocol specifications but last time I looked it was not available.

I doubt Garmin has any motivation to make a steering protocol since they have no value for it. ANT is a Garmin protocol.

any movement here? BLE is hideously unreliable where i live so always use ANT+ for a reliable connection. why still no ANT+ support for this? I can’t be the only one in this situation??

Another year, and still no advancement in Steering as a whole. Can Zwift commit to this being an abandoned feature? Or just finish it?

Is steering with the Sterzo already possible, using ANT+ in Zwift?

Mine only ever pairs via Bluetooth. I’ve never seen an ANT+ signal from it on the Zwift pairing screen.

“While the Sterzo Smart has ANT capabilities, that is not supported by Zwift at this time.”

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Yeah, but I think folk are asking “why no progress on doing so?”

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