ANT+ working not or bad with NEO2T

Until last week Zwift showed the ant+ (fe-c type) of the trainer and connected, signaled and stay stabil during a ride. This is not any more the case. The fe-c connections are not shown, or connected with “no signal” or fall out several times during a ride. For me these connections are essential.
Would you be so kind to change it back to what it was before?

Nothing changed with the game last week.

Oke. Then I will unsubscribe today.

Just succeeded in doing so.

Feel free. I’m just saying any change hasn’t occurred at Zwift’s end because the game hasn’t been updated since 23rd March, so asking them to change anything back doesn’t make sense. I have a Neo 2T and ANT+ FE-C works perfectly, just like it did on the Neo 2 I’ve had for the last two years.

If anything has changed it’s with your setup; you’ll need to provide more details about your system if you’d like some help with it. This is a community forum, not a direct line to Zwift support.

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Try and see if another app can see the FE-C device of your trainer - e.g. the Tacx app or even a Garmin. It’s possible that your trainer has developed a fault.

Well, Golden Cheetah and BKOOL did, so I stay out.