Wahoo Kickr just released an update to kickr firmware

Now we can control the kick via power meter, it has been released today. So my power should match up a little better now from my outside to indoor numbers. Now some numpty questions…

1.Can someone now explain how I boot up Zwift in sim mode controlled by a power meter. Very confusing.

  1. Do I put the power source as the kickr or power meter within Zwift setup? What about in the wahoo fitness App.

3.Does everything need to be ANT+ to work or doesn’t matter?

4.I have 2 ANT+ dongles, so what about Trainload/zwift interface now? Has anything changed with this Kickr update?



I am currently on the 1.3.8 firmware.  Is it an update to that?  I don’t see it using my android Wahoo utility, do I need to use the Apple version?




Yes, to update you need to use the iOS Wahoo Utility, the Android version doesn’t support upgrading the KICKR at the moment.

The version is 1.3.32 and is still a beta version, the 1.4 version which should come out shortly should be the public version.

As for the way things work: read somewhere that every time you power cycle the KICKR, you have to go into the Wahoo Fitness (or Utility) app and set the option to have your KICKR controlled by your PM. I haven’t tested it, but after that you’re all set and you can quit the Wahoo app and start Zwift. Use the KICKR there, without you seeing it it should use your PM. It should also start in SIM mode automatically.

I was logged into Wahoo Fitness and it did the update of the kickr yesterday. Its version 5.5.1. 

That’s probably the wahoo fitness app, not the KICKR firmware version.

It was definetly to update the Kickr. I had to turn bluetooth on then off as per instructions from the App and it outlined the updates to the kickr. There was an update to ERG mode, the update to power meter contolling the kickr and a couple of others that i dont remember. Seems like my watts matched up on zwift and on my garmin edge 510, although it took a few seconds, probably a smoothing thing going on.

Just checked and you can upgrade the KICKR through the Android Wahoo Utility app, but to set the KICKR control by PM you need the iOS app.