Android Beta Galaxy S8

I’ve tried using the Beta on my Galaxy S8 with zero success. It shows that it is looking for Bluetooth, but will not find my trainer. I can see the trainer is broadcasting with I look at the phone’s available Bluetooth devices. I have ensured my phone is not connected to any Bluetooth devices and tried moving all other Bluetooth devices away. 

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Sorry Zwift Beta is not cooperating with your trainer! Which trainer are you using? And can you check to see if your trainer is connected to any other device via Bluetooth? If so, try disconnecting it from everything except Zwift. 

We also have a Bluetooth troubleshooting guideto help guide you through some troubleshooting steps. If none of those work feel free to let us know! 

I am using the Kinetic Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer.

The only thing I’ve ever used it with is my phone and it’s not connected when I try it.

I tried the trouble shooting guide with no success.

Hey Eric, are you saying that Zwift isn’t recognizing your trainer when you try to pair it? Or it’s pairing but then dropping it’s connection during a ride? 

It doesn’t see it at all.

I’m having similar issues with a Samsung galaxy s8 and the 2018 wahoo kickr

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Hey Eric, that trainer may not be supported yet but I’ll check to make sure. In the meantime I’d advise you email and let them know that specific trainer is not pairing via BLE. 

James, are you pairing through ANT + or BLE? 


Is the Milestonepod compatible with the Galaxy S8 for Zwift Run?
Mine isn’t connecting

It’s compatible and should work, but with the S8 we have noted that it may take a few minutes to connect. Jog around for a bit then see if it connects for you.

I tried to pair my Wahoo Kickr Snap with Zwift using Zwift comanion App on my Samsung Note 8 with no sucess. It kept prompting me to wake up trainer but when I tried same with Apple ipad it paired immediately

Hey @Tom_Foy

Did you try closing your app, waking up your trainer, then reopen Zwift to see if it recognizes your Kickr Snap?
Are you trying to use a Bluetooth or ANT + connection?

Yes and bluetooth on Samsung Note 8
No Luck

Apple ipad tho works fine

Samsung Note 8 should have native Bluetooth, can you try connecting to your Kickr without Zwift Companion app? Just Zwift game on your Samsung Note 8.

I finally got Note 8 to pair with Zwift, thanks

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Awesome Tom, great to hear! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Just wanted to add to the conversation…

i’m trying to run on zwift galaxy s8 milestone pod. The zwift app cannot pair with or find milestone pod even though pod syncs with milestone app and native bluetooth sees pod. i’ve tried all sorts of phone reboots, app uninstall/reinstall, and different order i’ve run apps. I’ve even changed the battery and walked for 30 min waiting for it to connect… it never connected.

NOTE: zwift on ipad detects and uses my milestone pod fine.


Same here, Zwift Android beta (on Galaxy s8) will not even detect kinetic road machine smart. Trainer connects fine to kinetic AP and to windows laptop + Zwift companion app. Frustrating. Also can’t get my bontager heartrate monitor to Bluetooth connect to beta app or to laptop + companion app. Everything connects to the kinetic app instantly without any problem.

Are you still having issues with the Milestone pod? There have been reports that you should be able to pair now.
@Ken_Absalonson are you still unable to pair to your Kinetic road machine smart?

Hi Vincent,

I’m also having issues with the Galaxy S8 and Kinetic Rock & Roll Smart, it works fine with my ipad. The Zwift app on my S8 finds and connects to the Kinetic but it says no signal.