Android Beta Galaxy S8

(Vincent) #21

Hey Mike, it says No Signal after you’ve already paired to your S8? You’re connecting through Bluetooth correct?
Have you been able to troubleshoot your BLE connection with these steps?

After testing those if you still have trouble, please send us a support conversation with your log files:

Support Conversation:
How to find log files:

(Mike Michael ) #22

Ok i’ll try this and let you know the results.

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(Mike Michael ) #23

Hi, I went through the BLE troubleshooting but didn’t make a difference, so as you’ve suggested I’ve raised a support conversation and attached my log files.

(José Carlos Duarte) #24

Hello, i have Samsung note 8. What are the steps for install and pair the trainer (my case is tacx smart) with zwift. Thanks

(Vincent) #25

Hey @Jose_Carlos_Duarte we have a guide on our support website that shows you how to get started riding on Zwift :slight_smile: :

(José Carlos Duarte) #26

Many thanks. Yesterday my samsung note8 works fine. As soon as i ride i gine put feedback.

(. Tommo..) #27

Been using now with my S8 and Direto and its been great! No real issues to report.

Connects first time, every time! and works well… Loving the experience! Would just love it to Chromecast to my TV rather than having to mirror my screen which can be jumpy!

Keep up the good work guys and girls

(Timothy Howell) #28

I dont know how to post on a forum so i hope this works.
2 problems, 1st no download available for galaxy tab a 2016 with android 7.
2nd on galaxy s8, android 7. Zwift loads and i can see other riders and me but does not connect to cateye isc11, speed cadence sensor. The sensors works because i can use it with trainer road and no i am not connecting to both. On pairing screen it just keeps searching.i can close zwift and open trainerroad and see my isc11.

(Garry Mcilveen) #29

Not sure how to post either.everything connecting on s8.
Just wondering if I can mirror it onto tablet or tv and how you would do it.

(Garry Mcilveen) #30

I managed to mirror it onto tablet.will try tomorrow alongside wahoo speed and cadence on rollers.

(Garry Mcilveen) #31

From my s8 I mirrored onto samsung tablet.used samsung side sync.
I used wahoo cadence and wahoo speed only.
On elite arion rollers.
Everything seems to be working fine.

( Harry J) #32

Hello Garry, please can you let us know your App version? I’ve V26 - 1.0.31443 installed on my Samsung S8 and unable to connect any Bluetooth equipment like MilestonePod or Polar HRM to the app. Furthermore, it seems to be that there is no option to connect to a HRM in the connection screen:

(Garry Mcilveen) #33

I am using the same version.
Everything was fine until today.everything paired up but my avatar would not pedal.
I don’t know if it made any difference but the only thing I done was install zwift companion.

( Harry J) #34

Now I have had the chance to use a new Zwift RunPod from a friend and tataaaa … everything is running fine on my Samsung S8. There must be a different firmware installed on the original milestonepod and the new Zwift RunPod. So I’ve send the milestonepod back to Amazon and also ordered a new Zwift RunPod.

(J. Kroh) #35

Seems that many have resolved this, but I cannot get my Galaxy S8 to connect to my kickr snap. I’ve closed/opened the program, uninstalled/reinstalled, cleared cache followed the BLE troubleshooting all with no luck. I can get the s8 to connect via the wahoo app, and Zwift still connects with my PC and iPhone with no issues.

(Joseph Johnson) #36

Anyone have suggestion on the resistance not working in using Android Samsung S8. CycleOps H2 - Andriod S8 - Also the Calibration stops at 2 MPH and fails. is there a fix outside of using Rouvy. However Rouvy works very well

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(José Carlos Duarte) #38

Same in note 8

(Vincent) #39

Looking into this!

(R) #40

Have a samsung galaxy s8 and beta app works well with elite drive ii. I also have kinetic trainer and had major problems having even their app work with s8. They made major update that might fix the issue discussed above?

(R) #41

Looking for best recommended way to cast s8 screen to pc monitor while still using zwift? Tried Samsung new sidesync app but can’t get it to connect with phone. Is a hardwired usb cable the only way?