Android beta on Note 8 - milestone pod


I have a Samsung Note 8. Trying to connect a Milestone footpod to the Android beta and it’s just not happening. I’ve tried reinstalling, disconnecting the pod from all other apps, restarting the phone, resetting the pod, running for 30 mins etc etc.

The pod is visible as a Bluetooth device, and connects directly to e.g. Strava with no issues. Does anyone have any ideas???


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I got exactly same error. My phone is note 9. Really need help here. Thx.

Hey Freezing Air, for now can you try troubleshooting pairing using these steps?’t-pair-my-bluetooth-devices-(cycling)-S1DW01ZBQ

Same problem with an S8 :frowning:

Same issue for me on the Note 8. It pairs sometimes, but more often than not the app simply isn’t seeing the milestone pod.

Hey Ryan, are you connecting the Milestone pod to your phone initially, then starting Zwift? Your pod needs to be paired to Zwift directly without being paired to anything first, even your phone.

Yes. Pairing directly through Zwift. It’s not paired to my phone. Zwift simply doesn’t see it most of the time. I’ve had some luck rebooting Zwift multiple times to get it to sync, but the amount of time it takes is just too much so I’ve just done away with using Zwift at all.

Hello Ryan / Vincent, I’ve experienced the same issue with my MilestonePod. Then I’ve used a brandnew MilestonePod with Zwift Brand/Label and this was is working as expected. So it might be a problem with the “old” firmware on the milestone branded devices.