Samsung s8 not working

Posted previous with no help.
Was working fine for a couple of days now avatars will not move.
I subscribed to see if that helped but nothing.
Sensors are paired and showing readings just no pedalling.

I use S8 with tacx smart flow and HR from polar and decathlon…all working fine

I want to bump this thread. I have a Samsung S8 with Zwift and the companion app. The Zwift and Companion app will not recognize my Wahoo Kickr through Bluetooth, or my cadence and HR monitor through Ant+. It’s driving me a bit nuts. I’ve unplugged all the connected devices in the apartment to ensure no other Bluetooth signals are interfering, but the app still won’t recognize the trainer. I’m not sure of the next steps.

Also using a S8 and Novo Elite over Bluetooth I get power, cadence and control, though when I reach 40Watt it drops back to 0 and and cadence remains the same with no movement. It will work if I have sensitivity set to minimum but what fun is that. On another note with my windows laptop over Bluetooth I only get cadence and power no control I’m going to try it over ant+ to see of there is any difference

Hey David sorry to hear Zwift hasn’t been working properly with your Novo Elite! Can you send us a support conversation with your log files? Our technical support team will be able to address your issue with more detail.

Support Conversation:
How to find log files: