Zwift doesnt connect via Bluetooth to Smartphone

Dear people,

I used Zwift first time on Christmas 2019 on my Samsung Galaxy A8 via Bluetooth and a Tacx Vortex and it worked well. Now, the second time it doesn’t work anymore.

Zwift cannot connect to my Tacx Vortex anymore. When I search it, he dont find anything. While the Tacx-app still find it and works.
So it must be a Zwift problem. Do you have any idea?

Thank you very much in advice.

Andreas Langbehn

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Make sure your trainer is not connected to anything else. Bluetooth can only talk to one thing at a time.

Go to your phone bluetooth settings and forget the trainer.

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Hi Gerrie,

before I read your message, I just deleted the Zwift-App and installed it again… and voilá it works!!!
Thanks anyway.
When, I tried it before Bluetooth was not connected to anything else, so it must be a software problem I guess.

Good rides,

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I try to connect my Elite direto by bluetooth on my galaxy S8.
But in the main menu “controllable” my device don’t appear…
It’s work with ELITE app…

Thank for you help


Hi Florent,
try to put on your GPS signal, I think this was the problem what I didnt recognize. Because, yesterday after I reinstall Zwift again, I had again the same problem that it doesnt work.
So, I started the Tacx App and it says, I sould turn on my GPS and the Tacx worked. Then I changed to Zwift again with an on GPS signal and then also Zwift worked.

Good rides,