Galaxy s9+ pairing problem on Zwift

I haven’t used Zwift since the spring, when it worked ok with my devices, but now it will not pair with my Tracx flow. I can see it on the bluetooth device list so the phone finds it, but Zwift does not pair.
Have there been any changes with Zwift of Samsung Galaxy S9+ in the last few months that cause this proble.

Any thoughts?

You should not pair it in the Phone settings only in the Zwift app.

Set your phone to Forget the trainer and only pair in Zwift.

I’ll give it a try thanks

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Hi Simon I’ve been having the same problems with my tacx vortex, it’s been working fine on zwift until I paid my first 3 month subscription, it worked for about a week and now zwift will not connect to the vortex. It finds the vortex in the bluetooth list but will not connect. The vortex connects to the tacx training app no problem but just wont find it in zwift. I’ve disconnected everything and keep trying but just no joy. My phone is the samsung s8, it seems to have stopped working since zwift introduced the mtn bike routes by coincidence.

Any help would be great.

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Did it work Simon, I’m having same problem but with a Samsung s8

No luck so far, I’m going to try some other options my partner has an apple, I’ll give that a go.