Zwift not working on my Samsung S8+

I have tried using zwift on my Samsung galaxy s8 +, it doesn’t pick up my Bluetooth signal from my turbo trainer. My wifes iPhone picks the signal up straight away.
I have updated the firmware on my Tacx turbo. The iPhone still picks up the signal.
Any help would be appreciated on how to resolve this issue.
Cheers Colin.

Is your trainer paired to anything while you’re trying to pick it up on your S8? If it’s already paired to something, such as your wife’s iPhone/Zwift, or directly to your S8, it would cause some problems with pairing.

If you’re sure it’s not paired to anything, please write in a support ticket to so we can look into this further! When you do so, if you could include your trainer model, your phone model, and your log files per the instructions in this article, we would really appreciate it. The instructions for Android are the same as instructions for iPhone.

Ride On!

I have an S9 Note, never was able to get it to work with Bluetooth. I tried all the stuff that was given by the forums and support, with no luck. As soon as I plugged in an ANT+ USB stick into my computer, it picked up straight away, and I’ve had no connection issues between the bike and computer since.

From what I have read in other comments on the net, it seems a lot of people have unreliable connections with Bluetooth.