Beta on Galaxy S9+

I was able to pair cadence, heart rate, and Wahoo Kickr initially. Then when I got close to the start of the workout I noticed that nothing was paired. I had gone out to multiple apps while waiting for the workout to begin.
First I tried to re-pair with no success. Then I tried turning off Bluetooth then back on. No success. Finally I tried rebooting the phone. I could see glimpses of the heart rate monitor on the pairing screen but then it would show “no signal.”
Now I am not able to pair at all.

I’ve got Zwift an a Galaxy S9+, and it will recognize my Wahoo Speed and Cadence Sensors for about 15 seconds, but then the device screen says “NO SIGNAL” on each of those sensors.  I’ve changed batteries and still no stable device recognition.

I only have one WIFI to access.

Perhaps my DirecTV coax to my DVR is emitting a signal that interferes, but I want to ride on my big flat TV and I don’t want to reset my Satellite and DirecTV channels and programming after every ride.


Updated yesterday, uninstalled app and reinstalled. Still unable to pair with any Bluetooth device on Galaxy S9.

Hey Jim, were you ever able to pair these devices successfully on the Beta? Or have you been having constant dropping issues? 

Not yet. I tried after the update. Had to uninstall the previous version and install the update. Then I tried pairing Shaun. Got the cadence to pair but not heart rate or the kickr.

Managed to pair my S9 to my BLE Lezyne HRM but won’t connect to my kinetic inride BT sensor. All works fine on an iphone

Has anyone been able to pair that Wahoo kickr to swift?

I have not. The Kickr shows active on my S9 but Zwift does not pick it up on the app.

Today I managed to get Zwift on my S9+ and everything was working ok but it was draining the battery.
Half an hour 80%, than I connected the fast charger on 12% and it didn’t manage to power the phone it died.
I was running the 1h FTP test with connected bluetooth Favero Assioma pedals and Zwift companinon on another phone (that one didn’t have any battery drain).

Interesting, thanks for the heads up!

Don’t know if there is anything else, like some logs I can give you?
I will see today how it will behave, so let me know if you need some debug running.

When I use it it uses the battery really hard that even it’s on a fast charger the battery level is dropping.
Last time I needed to dimm the screen and turn on power saving just to keep the phone from dying.

I have been able to pair devices (Wahoo cadence sensor, Wahoo Snap, and Suunto HR) via bluetooth and use the app. However, if the app minimizes for any reason, it drops all bluetooth connections and I have to reconnect everything again.

For the second day in a row android mobile companion is not working.
I start it on another phone.
Zwift on Galaxy S9+
Companion on Galaxy A5 2016

It’s just like on a picture saying riding now, but not showing the gauge or current workout tempo