Wahoo Bluetooth Pairing Issue with Samsung S10e

I am only able to pair one wahoo bluetooth sensor with Zwift on my Samsung S10e. Once I connect the speed sensor, the cadence sensor disconnects, and vice versa. Both sensors connect simultaneously on the Wahoo app.

Anyone else experience the same issue?

I have had the same or similar issue. I have tried multiple sensors. The first sensor selected works while the second one reports “No signal”.
One thing we have in common is we are both using Samsung devices. I am running the app on an S9. I wonder if this coild be a Samsung problem rather than Zwift problem?

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yep, just experienced this yesterday with the latest version of zwift and my S10e, fortunatelly my kickr has an internal cadence sensor, so if I connect the speed/controller/cadence of the kickr to zwift it works, sometimes I have to connect and disconnect multiple times or the power and cadence wont register and only show a couple – (bars) as if the devices were not connected.

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Yeah I’m guessing it’s an android problem.