Wahoo Bluetooth Pairing Issue with Samsung S10e

I am only able to pair one wahoo bluetooth sensor with Zwift on my Samsung S10e. Once I connect the speed sensor, the cadence sensor disconnects, and vice versa. Both sensors connect simultaneously on the Wahoo app.

Anyone else experience the same issue?

I have had the same or similar issue. I have tried multiple sensors. The first sensor selected works while the second one reports “No signal”.
One thing we have in common is we are both using Samsung devices. I am running the app on an S9. I wonder if this coild be a Samsung problem rather than Zwift problem?

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yep, just experienced this yesterday with the latest version of zwift and my S10e, fortunatelly my kickr has an internal cadence sensor, so if I connect the speed/controller/cadence of the kickr to zwift it works, sometimes I have to connect and disconnect multiple times or the power and cadence wont register and only show a couple – (bars) as if the devices were not connected.

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Yeah I’m guessing it’s an android problem.

I finally gave up and bought a tiny Windows 10 computer on Amazon for $175. I already had a small TV/monitor. Added an ANT stick and USB WIFI.

It was an unexpected expense, but it works well. They really need to fix this stuff. Not everyone can or will go to the trouble and expense to work around Zwifts bugs