Bv9500 on zwift


Zwift beta app works in My blackview but it just does not find my tacx smart trainer. Any idea why is that. Bluetooth is on.


T. Janne

Hi T. Janne,

I checked the full “in-development” list of supported devices HERE on the Zwift Android Beta Feedback forum thread and regrettably, I don’t see that the Bv9500 is currently listed as a supported device​​. That may be the reason why you’ve had some troubles pairing your Tacx smart trainer to the app.

If you’ve never used your particular Tacx trainer with Zwift before, I’d also recommend double checking our list of supported trainers on the hardware page to make sure your trainer is supported for use with Zwift.


Thanks for your answer. I know BW9500 is not on zwift list but as i read the phone specs and compare it for example to samsung that is on zwift list, i think it should be there. It’s a shame it doesnt work on zwift.

Hope you can do something about it.

Best regards

Janne S

Steven via Zwift Forums kirjoitti la 23. helmik. 2019 klo 0.30:

Hi Janne,

We appreciate your feedback on the BW9500 Android. If you’d like to see some more Zwift support for that device, please feel free to reach out to our team at They’d love to hear from you.