Help choose a tablet

Hello. I guess this has been asked many times but need advice buying a tablet for Zwift.

My wife got me a smart trainer for xmas and i didn’t really think about how I would run Zwift. My laptop just stopped working and i don’t need to replace it. My wife as let me use her laptop but she needs it when i am on Zwift. It works ok on my phone (Samsung s7) but thinking of getting a tablet for a bigger screen. I won’t need the tablet for anything else.

Google brought up a link to bestmamba which had a review of best tablets for Zwift

And the Vankyo 7 inch looks good for the price but don’t mind spending a bit more, around £160 mark. Any suggestions?

My suggestion would be an AppleTV 4K and skip the tablet since you will probably want to upgrade later.


I agree with the apple tv option that Paul A suggests, you can use a computer monitor or more or less anything else that connects via HDMI. I did have issues with a 15 year old LCD Sony tv not working.

The reason for this is that bigger is better as far as I’m concerned. I have run Zwift on iPhone and iPad which both work fine, but 9" iPad screen still feels a bit small.


Thanks for replies, at present i don’t have the option of adding a tv to the current location of the trainer. Plans for a proper set up are in early stages hence why i wanted the cheaper and more portal tablet option.

Ok, that’s a shame. I was thinking about sunk costs if you’re not going to use the tablet for anything else as my apple TV & 32" smart tv were cheaper than my iPad.

I can’t really advise on non apple tablets as I haven’t owned one. But I’m sure most of them, including the Samsung ones are fine. I’m sure someone with more experience will be along shortly.


Cheers. Hopefully next year everything should be in place for a better set up but this was a bit of an unexpected present so wasn’t ready with what i had planned.

My thinking is that the tablet could always be passed to the kids once i am done on it.

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