New tablet

Hi all, looking to get a new tablet mainly to support ZWIFT as our current runs on android v4 (needs to be 7.0 or higher). ZWIFT list 4 requirements,which are difficult to validate. So can anyone e recommend a decent cheap ZWIFT Loving Tablet?

Samsung Tab A7.

Works great for me and much cheaper than the Galaxy S range.

Avoid the Tab A which doesn’t work.

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Great, thanks for the feedback.

@Mark_Hughes2 Not all TAB A’s is supported, search the forum. Be warned!!!

All Tab A7 work.

The Tab A is a totally different model and yes, most of these don’t work.

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Thanks @Stuart.Middlecoate ,

I was on my bike in Z3 so I just wanted to put something out there, :slight_smile:

No problem Gerrie, glad it’s not just me that stops functioning correctly in zone 3.

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