Samsung tablets

Firstly an apology as I’m sure this will have been asked before…

As an owner of two lovely laptops, neither of which work with zwift due to a problem with the intel chips (or something technical like that…)
I am in the market for a cheap tablet that will solely be used for zwift.

I am not technical at all and don’t understand half of the recommended requirements on the zwift help page and am wondering if it will run on a Samsung A8 tablet as this is the cheapest I have seen.

Failing that are there any other recommendations for cheap tablets that run zwift?

Thanks in advance!

See this post. Samsung Tab A incompatible [SOLVED] - #157 by Patrick_Tan_AsC_Taic

It is hard to say without knowing the exact processor

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The A7 works which should be even cheaper.

Looking at it there isn’t a Tab A8.

There is an Tab A 8.0 which you might be referring to. If so as Gerrie had linked to that tablet in the main isn’t compatible.

The A7 definitely is.

Thanks both of you!

It was indeed the tabA8.0 sorry for the confusion I will avoid that one then and start looking at the A7.

Thanks again

I run Zwift on a Huawei MediaPad M5. It works fine.