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Hi. I’ve bought a new android tablet for my husbands birthday specifically for him to use zwift on. I’ve just set it all up and it looks like it’s not compatible with the app. I don’t understand this because according to the zwift website it should be compatible if it has android 7 or later (it has android 9) and at least 1GB of RAM (it has 2GB). If this device is no good I’ll get a different one but how can I be sure it’s compatible before I buy? Any help gratefully received. Thanks!

For better assistance can you post which device you purchased.

I purchased Samsung Tab A (2019) tablet

I purchased Samsung Tab A (2019) tablet

Althou the Tab A is Android 9 it just dont have the processing power.

See this: Samsung Tab A incompatible??

I would suggest looking at the demo unit in store and ask them to install Zwift and see if you can do Fan view, then you would know that it will work.


Going to have to purchase online rather than in store u fortunately. Do you know whether the Samsung tab A7 would have enough processing power?

Hmmm… mind me asking how exactly does it look like?

Sorry @Lorna_Giles That I don’t know.

No worries. Thanks for your help and the link to the previous thread about it.

Does it have to be Android? The only higher-end model I know of is the Samsung Galaxy Tablets. The S6 is the latest. I had an S5 a few years ago and was not impressed. Otherwise a lot of people run Zwift on iPads. I would think even the lowest iPad (recent models) can run as Apple does use a strong CPU chip.

Another option is AppleTV.

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