Samung Tablet Comptability

Hello, Im after a Samsung tablet to run zwift on. I bought a Samsung Galaxy A10 but after opening it found it would now support zwift, luckily the shop let me take it back. Im now looking for a different tablet is the Samsung Galaxy S6 lite or Galaxy S5e compatible with zwift?

If you’re looking for a tablet to run Zwift I would buy an iPad.

Hi @Isaac_Griffiths_MBPC welcome to Zwift forums.

You may want to read through the latest Android FAQ. There are some tablets known to work, and some older ones known not to work.

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The Galaxy Tab S6 is pretty sweet actually, in terms of specs.
I also use the Tab S5e and it works very well.

Hello Isaac,
Welcome to the forums! Sorry for delayed response.
S5e is great! I’m actually testing on one right now,
but if you can afford the S6 (and care about better graphics), get that.

Huawei Media Pads are nice too, esp the newer ones, but because Huawei is under some type of investigation by US, the prospects for Huawei devices getting timely OS updates and support from Google, is unclear. Hopefully that will get rectified at some point, because they make really nice devices.

Thanks for posting, and again, Welcome!

I’m using a Galaxy Tab S3 and it works well :slight_smile:

I’m using a tab s6 lite and it works very well.