Galaxy Tab S 10.5 SMT800


It seems that Zwift is not available for my tablet in google play store? My tsblet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 SMT800 running android 6.0.1 Is Zwift going to be available for my device? I have emailed the Zwift team well over a week ago and still not had a reply!


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Hey Gary, sorry we haven’t gotten to respond to you yet! We most likely won’t have any estimate on when a device will become compatible. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is not compatible currently but if there are changes we will update everyone.

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Why can’t you just make it available? This is a BETA version! Isn’t the whole point of a beta test to test all possible tablets and phones?? The Galaxy Tab S is a high end device capable of running heavy 3D games, so chances are it will work. It also has Ant+ built in.

Hey Audun, great question! The goal is to make every Android device compatible, sometimes we come across unexpected issues that render Zwift unplayable on certain devices. So we try to keep you all updated in real time about what works and what doesn’t work. Sometimes a device that should work by all means has some sort of surprise complication.

Vincent, I hope you get this sorted swiftly as I use tablets and not pc’s or laptops


I have the same issue… but if you have a samsung mobile you can run with Sidesync on the tablet.

I use a S6+ and Galaxy tab s2 and works well.

Hi Daniel

I run it through side sync the same as you with the same phone however I have reapeated crashing problems which causes a fair amount of frustration. If Zwift are truly developing android they should include a high end tablet such as this, after all android is in beta and being developed it should not be down to the customer to find a solution to their problem!