Will Zwift work on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2022)

Hi there, in the FAQ there is a question about android compatibility:
“If the app appears in the play store, it will be downloadable”.

But the fact is: I did not buy a tablet yet, planning to do so, but the Galaxy Tab S8 is way too expensive for what you can do with it.
So, will the Zwift app work on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 (model 2022)?

Thanks in advance!

Works on my Tab S5e, gets a little stuttery but usually clears up, I run it plugged in as Zwift is a resource hog

The Galaxy Tab А8 appears to be able to run Zwift fairly well. We haven’t done any testing with it say just how well, but there are some Zwifters who use it

Hi, I am new to Zwift and i am just assessing it. However I got the app downloaded to my Samsung Galaxt A8 ok. I can start the Zwift app but it will not locate my Wattbike.
Any Ideas?


You need to change the permissions with regards to location settings.

It’s a widespread problem.

If your tablet didn’t ask for permission the first time you opened the pairing screen you’ll probably need to add location permissions for Zwift manually. To do this open your Settings and find Location, from there look for “App access to location” and open it. You’ll probably need to scroll down into the “Not Allowed” section to find Zwift and change the permissions to “While using the app”