Samsung Tab 8

I’ve just got a new Samsung Tab A8 - the zwift app can find my wattbike but not my garminhrm. My hrm connects perfectly to the wattbike. And my phone (also a Samsung) can find both too.

I’ve downoaded Ant+, Ant USB, & Ant Radio but this hasn’t made any difference.
Any suggestions?

Samsung Tab A8 does not appear to have an ANT+ radio built in.

You can verify that yourself by installing and running this Android app:

Lacking a built-in ANT+ radio, you could buy an ANT+ USB stick to add that capability, connected via USB-OTG adaptor or hub. Alternately, you could buy an HRM with both ANT+ and Bluetooth capability. The Polar H10 would be a good choice or the Garmin HRM-Pro+ if you need the extra features that offers.

Thanks. I’m confused about which device connects using what (bluetooth or ANT). I CAN connect both bike and HRM to the wattbike app on the tablet so not sure why I can’t for Zwift??

Which model of Garmin HRM do you have?

Garmin HRM3 SS

You probably need to force close (from the home screen of your tablet touch the button that brings up all the apps that are running in the background and swipe the Wattbike app to close) the Wattbike app then open the Zwift app and pair the HRM to Zwift. A lot of bluetooth devices can only connect to one app at a time.

The HRM 3 is an Ant+ only HRM so 100% it’s not connecting via BT

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Thanks. If the hrm is ant only the tablet is still managing to connect to it for the wattbike app (unless it connects differently somehow?).

I’ve made sure that no other apps are openbut that hasn’t made any difference unfortunately.

Stuart is correct, the HRM3 (I’ve owned one) is ANT+ only.

It’s likely the bike itself is acting as an ANT+ to BLE bridge. There’s some supporting evidence of that on Reddit:

Thanks. I’ve ordered a new hrm hopefully that will sort it out.

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