Zwift for Samsung

When will Zwift be available for Android downloads

If your device is supported you will find the Zwift App in the Google Play Store.

I previously had it working fine on my Samsung Tab but after I reset my device it now seems to not be… ??

Is it installed?
Is it in the Play Store?

No and no…it used to be…
I previously had it installed and running perfectly (Galaxy Tab A SM-P555) but after I had to do a factory reset the app in no longer available in the Google Play Store for it :frowning:

The app still shows for my S8+ tho…

I am also one of those affected who cannot use their SM-T510 with ZWFIT. I am very disappointed, because it is a very powerful tablet with modern hardware. I honestly don’t know how ZWIFT doesn’t have support for this popular model. My subscription depends on the support of this tablet in the near future