Playstore and Samsung Galaxy Tab A

I was very impatient to test Zwift on my Galaxy Tab A device but in Playstore, I’m not able to find the apps whereas it appears when I check from my PC. The fact is when I connect the tablet to my PC in order to try to install it, it doesn’t detect the tablet as an allowed device fort zwift installation…

Is there a way to get the apps from another location?

Thanks in advance.



Hey Yann, we’re investigating Zwift not showing in the Play Store for Samsung Galaxy Tab devices.

Can you send an email to with your exact model number (SM-TXXX)? Also if possible, the region your Play Store is in. We’ll be able to investigate further. :) 

I’m gutted, just bought an Atom and I needed a new tablet to run it, bought Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 to find out it won’t run Zwift, it’s a new tablet so I assumed it would. I bet if I could find the download it would work. Anyone know when Zwift will add it to the list

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