No Zwift for Samsung Tab A (2019)

Am I hopless or is the new Samsung Tab A (2019) not able to download/run Zwift?

In that case - truely disappointing.

It might just be me - in that case: How do I install Zwift on my tablet?

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You’re not hopeless, its appears its not supported. See here

Given Zwift’s support of the Android platform is only fairly recent, and I think only just out of beta, I am not surprised to see newly released kit not supported, however I would expect the Zwift team will be trying fairly hard to catch up particularly with the more mainstream Samsung kit.

Thank you!
Hope you’re right… It would be a bit easier to use my tablet insted of my wifes computer :slight_smile: I’ll tell her to be patient :smiley:


No Zwift for Samsung Tab A 2019 is so silly. So disappointed as I had bought it solely for Zwift.


Come on zwift, fix this!


I agree… Really shouldnt be that big a problem.


Have Zwift even commented if and when TAB A will be supported i near future?

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I haven’t heard a thing… Quite disapoiting :frowning:

I have just bought a Samsung tab, purely for my bike apps. I can’t beleive zwift runs on my old beat up Sony experia xa mobile and not a brand new tablet.


I’m no expert but other app developent companies are able to fit their apps to all Androids.
But Zwift seems to lack the will :frowning:
Truely disapointing!

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I have Sony Xperia Tablet Z and zwift not support it too.
Yes, it’s pretty old like mammoth’s ■■■■. But it not so bad. Main trouble in CPU which doesn’t support ARM64-v8a (only armeabi-v7a). I think it’ll be great to rebuild apk for armeabi-v7a CPUs to supporet top devices past’s eyears

We must put pressure, Samsung Tab A is a top world sales. It makes no sense that Zwift does not have support for this model


These threads should be joined

Yes got Samsung tab a this year to run zwift and no go yet all the other apps out there work

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What the difference between gtaxlqltespr and gta2xllteub? I have a Tab A gta2xllteub that is very similar of my Galaxy A50 (but is armv8l), but in the smartphone I run the Zwift app, but in the tablet don’t.

This is very interesting… :confused:

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The 2019 model of the Samsung Tab A is more than capable to run Zwift.


|OS |Android 9.0 (Pie), One UI|
|Chipset |Exynos 7904 (14 nm)|
|CPU |Octa-core (2x1.8 GHz Cortex-A73 & 6x1.6 GHz Cortex-A53)|
|GPU |Mali-G71 MP2|