No Zwift for Samsung Tab A (2019)

Am I hopless or is the new Samsung Tab A (2019) not able to download/run Zwift?

In that case - truely disappointing.

It might just be me - in that case: How do I install Zwift on my tablet?

You’re not hopeless, its appears its not supported. See here

Given Zwift’s support of the Android platform is only fairly recent, and I think only just out of beta, I am not surprised to see newly released kit not supported, however I would expect the Zwift team will be trying fairly hard to catch up particularly with the more mainstream Samsung kit.

Thank you!
Hope you’re right… It would be a bit easier to use my tablet insted of my wifes computer :slight_smile: I’ll tell her to be patient :smiley:


No Zwift for Samsung Tab A 2019 is so silly. So disappointed as I had bought it solely for Zwift.

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